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German firm Buero Wagner has designed a bar for mixology company Gamsei with ceramic bottles of ingredients hanging from a metal grid on the ceiling.

Munich-based Gamsei specialises in using foraged and locally sourced ingredients for their cocktail blends.The brand wanted to encourage drinkers to watch the barmen mixing their cocktails, so Buero Wagner designed seating as two sets of solid oak steps that rise to meet two opposing walls, while the bar tenders make the drinks at two bars in the middle.“Gamsei is a wholly integrated concept that turns the event of drinking a cocktail into a novel experience,” said Buero Wagner.“By eliminating the common separation of bartender and guest, here the interaction is key and everybody has a front row seat: from either side guests can enjoy a view onto the two centrally placed bars,” the designers added. 

An oak cupboard and shelving unit covers the whole of the far wall, part of which opens up as a hidden door into the bathroom. Oak shutters can be pushed up to reveal the coffee machine and the many shelves are used to store dried leaves, herbs and white ceramic bottles full of Gamsei’s self-made liqueurs, syrups and essences. These bottles also hang in neat lines from a black steel mesh covering the celling. Just like Gamsei’s drinks, the wood, steel and ceramic used for the bar were all locally sourced. Gamsei opened in 2013 and is owned and founded by Australian bartender Matthew Bax. The Buero Wagner designers who completed this project were Fabian A. Wagner and Andreas Kreft